Death and Christian Funeral

Youth Program

Recent death announcements, funeral arrangements and memorial service information for members and friends of Vienna Presbyterian Church will be posted on this page. Announcements will remain on this webpage for several weeks, and will be updated when additional information becomes available.

We pray for peace, grace, and strength for those grieving the loss of loved ones, including the family and friends of:

  • Roy Herr (7/23)
  • Harriet Magaha (7/23)
  • Johnny Dale (7/9)
  • Dot Parker (7/9)
  • Terri Bowers (7/9)
  • Matthew and Brittany Handleton who lost their premature daughter (7/9)
  • Pierce English, 19, coach and friend of the Kasner's, killed in a car crash (6/4)
  • Lee Scott's mother (6/4)
  • Lizzie and Willie who lost their premature newborn (6/4)
  • Maynard Luhn, Jr. (5/31)